“Trump Campaign Denounces ‘Dishonest’ Fund-Raising That Uses President’s Name and Picture”


President Trump’s re-election campaign on Tuesday denounced “dishonest fund-raising groups” that use the president’s image to solicit money that several people close to Mr. Trump said was directed at a group run by David Bossie, one of his earliest political advisers.
The unsigned statement, which was sent out from the campaign’s press office, also encouraged the authorities to investigate all unsanctioned outside groups.

No offending entity was named in the statement, though it went on to explicitly identify groups allied with the Trump campaign, including its sanctioned super PAC.

But a report by Axios on Sunday detailed how the Presidential Coalition, a group run by Mr. Bossie, had used pictures of Mr. Bossie and Mr. Trump together to raise money it said would go to conservative candidates, but that only 3 percent of what it raised in 2017 and 2018 went directly to candidates….

Mr. Bossie, who leads the conservative group Citizens United and was the deputy campaign manager of Mr. Trump’s 2016 campaign, has remained close to the president and has recently traveled on Air Force One. 


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