New Hampshire: “Bills that reverse GOP election law changes headed to House floor”

Union Leader:

The Democratically controlled state legislature advanced its efforts to repeal election-related laws passed by Republicans in 2017 and 2018 with several key votes by the House Election Law Committee on Thursday.

In a party line, 12-8 vote, the House committee endorsed a Senate-passed bill (SB 67) regarding residency and domicile for purposes of voting.
The change would restore the law to wording that existed prior to 2018, making it more likely that out-of-state college students would choose to vote in New Hampshire.

Also in a party line vote, the committee endorsed a Senate-passed bill (SB 68) allowing the release of detailed information from the state’s voter database by court-order.

Democrats and other plaintiffs are suing the state to block implementation of a new law regarding procedures for voter registration, SB 3. They sought information from the voter database to make their case, and last year Republicans passed a bill specifically precluding the release of voter information under those circumstances.


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