What is Mike Roman, A Trump Fixer, Doing for the RNC for $20,000 a Month?

I’ve linked earlier to a Politico story about Mike Roman, The mysterious oppo researcher working in the White House lawyer’s office. It wasn’t clear what the opposition researcher was doing in the White House working for Don McGahn. (On Roman’s history promoting the New Black Panthers voter intimidation hysteria, see here.)

Now he’s working for the RNC doing something (we don’t know what), and an #ELB reader notes from FEC documents that the RNC was paying Roman $15,000 per month for “legal and compliance services.” The RNC is now paying “MR&A LLC” at the same address that Roman used $20,000 per month. (“MR&A” must be Mike Roman and Associates.) Wonder what he did to deserve the raise.

Thanks to the #ELB reader for the tip!

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