The Worst Defense of the Electoral College Yet Comes from Stephen Sachs at Volokh

I’ve seen lots of arguments for and against the Electoral College. Some are stronger than others.

But Stephen Sach’s idea that there could be such widespread fraud if we moved to a popular vote (rather than keeping fraud in a “cauterized” state) is ridiculous. Given the tens of millions of voters who would have to be involved in a scheme to swing a presidential election decided by a popular vote (or the entire state apparatus in a large state to move millions in the vote totals), there seems much LESS danger from fraud using a national popular vote than going after one swing state.

And more importantly, we do not see such election fraud on such a massive scale. Even NC09, the most egregious election crime we’ve seen in years, was both limited to a single congressional district and was uncovered.

Update: Sachs responds here.

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