“Elizabeth Warren to Forgo Receptions and Fund-Raisers With Big Donors”


Senator Elizabeth Warren on Monday escalated her presidential campaign’s battle against big money in politics, announcing that her bid for the Democratic nomination will forgo traditional fund-raising methods meant to cultivate a candidate’s relationships with the wealthy.
The Massachusetts senator said she would no longer hold the private fund-raisers and one-on-one meetings with big donors that have become typical for Democrats and Republicans….

Since Ms. Warren was unlikely to receive the majority of support from big donors, the announcement’s most important function could be its political impact. In a crowded field where the slightest factor could influence a voter’s decision, Ms. Warren is seeking to separate herself from other Democrats in the race, including Senator Kamala Harris of California and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, who have both benefited from high-priced fund-raising events and could now be under more pressure to disavow them.


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