“Democracy by the People: Reforming Campaign Finance in America”

This new book edited by Gene Mazo and Tim Kuhner looks like it will be terrific. Enter the code MAZO2018 at the checkout on Cambridge’s website for a 20 percent discount.

Table of Contents


Democracy by the Wealthy: Campaign

Finance Reform as the Issue of Our Time

Eugene D. Mazo & Timothy K. Kuhner



Part I:         Defining the Problem            

Chapter 1:       The Third Coming of American Plutocracy: What

Campaign Finance Reformers Are Up Against

Timothy K. Kuhner


Chapter 2:       Liberty, Equality, Bribery, and Self-Government:

Reframing the Campaign Finance Debate

Deborah Hellman


Chapter 3:       Aligning Campaign Finance Law

Nicholas Stephanopoulos


Part II:       Proposed Solutions


Chapter 4:       Reforming Campaign Finance Reform:

The Future of Public Funding

Richard Briffault


Chapter 5:       Raising All of Our Voices for Democracy:

A Hybrid Public Funding Proposal

Adam Lioz


Chapter 6:       Reorienting Disclosure Debates

in a Post-Citizens United World

Katherine Shaw


Chapter 7:       Beyond Repair: FEC Reform

and Deadlock Deference

Daniel P. Tokaji


Chapter 8:       The People’s Pledge: Campaign Finance

Reform without Legal Reform

Ganesh Sitaraman


Chapter 9:       Super PAC Insurance: A Private Sector

Solution to Reform Campaign Finance

Nick Warshaw


Chapter 10:     Constraining and Channeling Corporate

Political Power in Trump’s America

Kent Greenfield


Chapter 11:     Reforming Lobbying

Maggie McKinley


Chapter 12:     Regulating Campaign Finance

through Legislative Recusal Rules

Eugene D. Mazo


Chapter 13:     Contributions and Corruption: Restoring

Aggregate Limits in the States

Michael D. Gilbert


Chapter 14:     Developing Better Empirical Evidence

for Future Campaign Finance Cases

Brent Ferguson & Chisun Lee


Chapter 15:     Fixing the Supreme Court’s Mistake: The

Case for the Twenty-Eighth Amendment

Ronald A. Fein



Part III:      Inspiration from Abroad


Chapter 16:     The Repudiation of Buckley v. Valeo

  1. D. Ewing


Chapter 17:     Equal Participation and Campaign Finance

Yasmin Dawood


Chapter 18:     Political Finance and Political Equality:

Lessons from Europe

Óscar Sánchez Muñoz



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