Three on NC Voter ID from WRAL


Editorial: Open access to N.C. polls needs to be part of voter ID script (Capitol Broadcasting) — If there’s one thing state legislative leaders should realize from Monday’s legislative committee meeting, it is that it will take more than 150 minutes to learn all that is needed to pass a voter ID law that will encourage, not discourage, voting and be upheld by the courts.

ANTHONY SPEARMAN: Photo ID still aims to suppress minority voters (Capitol Broadcasting opinion column) — We ask that you not use these last days of your unlawful time in “People’s House” to make another attempt to put in place a plan of enacting a discriminatory photo ID that will suppress the vote of people of color.

GERRY COHEN: How to implement a fair voter ID law( Capitol Broadcasting column) — Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2018 — While passage of the state constitutional amendment means that requiring photo ID is not unconstitutional as being an additional qualification to vote as some State Supreme Courts have held, any requirement in its actual application must not discriminate based on race.



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