“Midterm Voters Significantly Expanded The Right To Vote”


Voting rights were on the ballot in the midterm elections on Tuesday, and voters sent a resoundingly clear message in favor of making elections more accessible and fairer.

After Tuesday’s election, approximately 1.4 million people with felony convictions in Florida will regain the right to vote. It will be much easier for people in Michigan to vote. Nevadans will be automatically registered when they conduct business with the state Department of Motor Vehicles unless they opt out. Lawmakers in Michigan, Colorado and Missouri (and potentially Utah) will no longer be able to draw electoral districts that severely benefit one party. Voters in Maryland will get to register to vote on Election Day. Democrats took control of the state Senate in New York, giving them a chance to do something about the state’s antiquated voting laws.

In Kansas, Kris Kobach, who championed perhaps the most restrictive voting law in the country and led President Donald Trump’s voter fraud commission, lost the race for Kansas governor to Democrat Laura Kelly.


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