North Carolina Lt. Gov. Posts Facebook Video Ostensibly Instructing How to Commit Voter Impersonation Fraud, a Kind of Fraud Which Hasn’t Been Used to Try to Swing an Election We Know About Since at Least the 1980s


Amid a push to pass a photo ID requirement for North Carolina elections, the state’s lieutenant governor appears in a video that offers instructions on how to commit voter fraud in the state.

The video , posted on Facebook, features Lt. Gov. Dan Forest telling how a group could collect the identifying information of infrequent voters before Election Day and then impersonate those voters at the polls, which is a crime under state law.

Forest says in the video, titled Voter Fraud 101, “Committing voter fraud is easy in our state. Just for fun, here’s one way an organized group could commit voter fraud in North Carolina.”

The video was paid for by the North Carolina Republican Council of State Committee, a political action committee chaired by Forest and largely funded by Greg Lindberg, a major political donor currently under federal investigation, according to WRAL-TV in Raleigh.

As I’ve said many times, for my 2012 book, The Voting Wars, I tried to find a single election anywhere in the US that there were plausible allegations that impersonation fraud was used to try to swing an election. I could not find any. But I could find other kinds of fraud attempts, like absentee ballot fraud, for every year since 1980. Impersonation fraud must be the perfect crime.


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