“Inside Facebook’s Election ‘War Room’”


Facebook invited two New York Times reporters into the War Room before it opens next week to discuss the work of the elections team and some of the tools it has developed to try to prevent interference. The company limited the scope of what The Times could see and publish out of a concern about revealing too much to adversaries who may be looking for vulnerabilities. The company said the War Room was modeled after operations used by political campaigns, which are typically set up in the final weeks before Election Day.

The War Room is a “proactive” way to build systems in anticipation of attacks, Greg Marra, a product manager working on Facebook’s News Feed, said in a conference call with reporters on Wednesday.

One of the tools the company is introducing is custom software that helps track information flowing across the social network in real time, said Mr. Chakrabarti, who joined Facebook about four years ago from Google.


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