“In a few hours, Gov. Colyer went from prepping for a recount to endorsing his rival”

KC Star:

Colyer, who was sworn in as governor in January, faced a Friday deadline to file for a recount, a financially precarious decision because Kansas does not have automatic recounts in close races.

“I guess the governor changed his mind at the last moment there after a conversation between him and the LG (Lt. Gov. Tracey Mann) and it became clear that the votes were just not there and it’s best to just go ahead and get out for the sake of the party,” the official said. “Those congressional seats are going to be under siege and we’ve got to get united right away.”

Nineteen states and the District of Columbia have automatic recounts depending on the margin in a race, but in Kansas Colyer would have had to file a bond with the secretary of state’s office to pay for the cost of a recount. If he still trailed after a recount, he would have had to forfeit that money.


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