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“‘Chaos and confusion’: The campaign to stamp out ballot drop boxes; Laws, court rulings and local decisions have targeted this method of voting in at least a dozen states as disinformation rages.”

CPI: In 2020, ballot drop boxes were a sturdy, metallic symbol of increased voter access amid a pandemic. Absentee and mail voting surged across the country, and voters used drop boxes to return 41% of those ballots.Two years later, they’ve… Continue reading

Federal Court Refuses to Block Ballot Drop Box Monitoring Activities That Plaintiffs Allege Has Been Intimidating Voters Citing First Amendment, But Invites Voters to Come Back with Evidence of Threats and Intimidation Should They Materialize

The order is here. I understand the difficulty of balancing the First Amendment interests here, but I think the judge did not put enough weight into how these acts of monitoring people while being armed and mask is a… Continue reading