Monthly Archives: September 2010

When Legislators Are Also Lawyers

Legal Ethics Forum has this post on the indictment of a former NJ state legislator, arising from money his law firm received, purportedly for legal services but really (the indictment alleges) for supporting a development project. The linked story reports that state law doesn’t require legislators to disclose their clients, the nature of their work, or how much they’re getting, thus opening the door to conflicts and even bribery.

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“Clear The Bench Colorado Subject To Contribution Limits, Judge Decides”

See here for a description of and link to an interesting ALJ decision from Colorado, mentioned in this NYT editorial. The decision concludes that a group advocating against the retention of state judges must register as a political committee, thus limiting it to contributions of $525 per person — but doesn’t address the First Amendment issue raised by this requirement, apparently because state ALJ’s aren’t permitted to do so.

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