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Blogging Schedule

I’m off to APSA for the next few days, meaning blogging will be sporadic. I’ll be presenting my Michigan paper on Citizens United on Thursday at 4:15 on this panel.
I have a work crunch, travel issues, and family commitments over the next month and a half that also could affect blogging. I am pleased that my new Loyola colleague Justin Levitt will be guest blogging for me from Sept. 3-10. If you have any tips during that period, send them to
There may be some other adjustments through mid-October. Thanks for your continued support.

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Democracy 21 Does Not Like FEC’s New Coordination Rules

Fred Wertheimer:

    It is a fiction and fantasy to take the position, as the FEC does, that a corporation paying for ads that are written, produced and placed by a Member of Congress, and that promote the Member or attack the Member’s opponent, is not engaged in illegal coordinated spending under campaign finance laws, where such ads are run in the middle of an election season but just over 90 days before the general election.
    No one would buy this explanation for a minute, outside of the FEC Commissioners who did. And yet that is precisely what the FEC regulation allows.

Expect a lawsuit.
UPDATE: BNA says Wertheimer has not yet made a decision about suing.
Still MORE from CCP.

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“It’s Not Over Until It’s in the Rules”

The NY Times offers this report, which begins: “Now for the heavy lifting. Having passed the Dodd-Frank Act earlier this summer, the bill that aspires to reorder our financial universe in the wake of the most serious economic crisis in generations, Congress has moved on to other matters. Regulators are left to write the rules that will make financial reform a reality — or not — and are beginning that laborious process.”

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