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Indiana Supreme Court, on 4-1 Vote, Rejects State Constitutional Challenge to Voter ID Law

You can read the opinion in League of Women Voters v. Rokita here. This case came after the United States Supreme Court held that Indiana’s law did not violate the federal Constitution, and after an intermediate appellate court in the state held the law in fact violated the state constitution. From the majority opinion: “Because it is not alleged in the present case, we need not determine whether an as-applied challenge may be maintained if a claim were presented and proven that reasonable government assistance was not actually available to adequately relieve either the cost or hardship of obtaining photo ID.”

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“Roberts Put His Stamp on Supreme Court in Latest Term”

Adam Liptak’s must-read end of term wrap up begins:

    Last June, the Supreme Court term ended with restraint and a cliffhanger, as the court left the Voting Rights Act intact and ordered re-argument in Citizens United, the big campaign finance case.
    A year later, the profile of the court led by Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. is fundamentally changed. Judicial minimalism is gone, and the court has entered an assertive and volatile phase.

The article also quotes former SG Paul Clement on the “outcry” over Citizens United, which Adam calls “the most controversial decision since the Rehnquist court handed the presidency to Mr. Bush a decade ago in Bush v. Gore.” Says Clement: “I don’t think it made the least bit of difference to the five justices in the majority.”

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“Hope and Experience: Election Reform through the Lens of the AEI-Brookings Election Reform Project”

The final report of the AEI-Brookings Election Reform Project, written by Fortier, Mann, and Ornstein.
I am sad to see the end of this project, as it has brought together major players for important conferences and produced important reports on election administration reform. Hopefully other groups will be able to pick up (and continue their work) where this project leaves off.

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