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Giuliani fundraiser gave big bucks to state ballot measure”

The San Francisco Chronicle offers this update, which begins: “A major New York fundraiser for GOP presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani has been revealed as the money man behind a proposed ballot measure that would have changed California’s ‘winner take all’ electoral college system – and likely benefited Republicans. Paul Singer, a billionaire hedge fund executive and Giuliani policy adviser, acknowledged his role to the New York Daily News on Friday just a day after GOP organizers in California said they were folding their effort to collect signatures for the group called Californians for Equal Representation.”

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James Madison Center Files Comments in WRTL Rulemaking; Among other Things Jim Bopp’s Center Argues there Should Be No Disclosure by Anyone Running Ads Entitled to As Applied Exemption

The comments are here. One issue in the WRTL rulemaking is whether the as applied exemption required by the Supreme Court’s opinion in WRTL applies only to the corporate and union PAC requirement or whether it also applies to disclosure of electioneering communications (over a certain dollar threshold). You wouldn’t know it by reading the comments, because the issue of disclosure never comes up, but in advocating “Alternative 2” (comments, pages 9-10), the Center is arguing for no disclosure of the funders of issue ads that are entitled to an as applied exemption.
The adoption of Alternative 2 would be a very big deal. I’ll have more on this soon.

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“Mystery man’s key role in move to change Electoral College rules”

The SF Chronicle offers this report, which surely has the most tantalizing election-law related lede I’ve seen in some time: “Until this week, Missouri attorney Charles ‘Chep’ Hurth III was best known for a headline-grabbing incident a decade ago in which he bit a young female law student on the butt in a bar. Now Hurth, the city attorney for New Haven, Mo. (population 1,800), is the agent for a deep-pocketed group that donated $175,000 to fund a Republican-backed effort that would reshape the landscape of presidential politics in California.”

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