Monthly Archives: November 2006

Interesting New Cert Petition Challenging Second Circuit Decision Requiring Primaries (Rather than Party Conventions) for Choosing New York Trial Court Judges

This petition from both major political parties and others in New York is likely to get the attention of some Supreme Court Justices. I think this case has a pretty good chance of being granted: it raises interesting and important issues about the rights of parties to decide how to choose their nominees and the special rules, if any, that should apply to judicial elections. It also raises issues about federal courts interfering with state election rules. And it raises all of these issues outside the context of a hotly contested election.

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Another Tight Race in Montana Shifts State House Balance to GOP

See this report in the Great Falls Tribune. A snippet: ” race between Democrat Emelie Eaton and Republican Krayton Kerns, both of Laurel, was tied before Tuesday’s recount. But the three Yellowstone County commissioners who painstakingly tallied the ballots for five-and-a-half hours Tuesday counted three more ballots for Kerns, said Duane Winslow, Yellowstone County’s elections chief. The final count was 1,971 votes for Kerns, and 1,968 tallies for Eaton.”

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“CREW Seeks FEC Investigation of Foreign National Contributions by US-Cuba Democracy PAC”

See this set of documents, which CREW describes as follows:

    Ctizens for Responsibility and Ethics In Washington (CREW) has filed a Federal Election Commission (FEC) complaint against Leopoldo Fernandez Pujals, a foreign national, and Mauricio Claver-Carone, Gus Machado, Cuba Democracy Advocates, Inc. and the US-Cuba Democracy PAC for serious violations of federal campaign finance law. The complaint alleges that Leopoldo Fernandez Pujals, through Cuba Democracy Advocates, Inc., indirectly participated in the decision-making process of the US-Cuba Democracy PAC in violation of the strict prohibition on foreign national contributions to U.S. candidates.

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