Monthly Archives: August 2005

“Fear, pressure seen in fundraising scandal”

The San Francisco Chronicle offers this report, which begins: “Business associates of San Francisco real estate agent and political fundraiser Julie Lee say it was their desire to maintain good relations with the local powerbroker that led them to become players in a campaign finance scandal that drove former Secretary of State Kevin Shelley from office and led to Lee’s arrest on state and federal fraud charges.”

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Mason and Toner Issue Concurring Opinion in Berman-Doolittle Matter

I have posted the document here. The opinion addresses an important legal question about the ability of federal officeholders to raise funds for state initiative contests, including those (as in the Berman-Doolittle case) involving proposed changes to the redistricting process. The Mason-Toner opinion begins:

    We joined the Commission’s ruling today because the activities presented by the requestors do not implicate the ban on soft-money fundraising under Section 441i(e).
    The threshold legal question in deciding whether Section 441i(e)

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