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Unanimous 4th Circuit Panel Applies “Presumption of Good Faith” in Upholding 2018 North Carolina Voter ID Law, Despite Finding That 2013 Voter ID Law Was Passed with Racially Discriminatory Intent

You can find the 29-page opinion at this link (via WRAL). The opinion leans heavily on the Supreme Court’s use of a presumption of legislative good faith in Abbott, despite an earlier history of racially discriminatory conduct. I recently wrote… Continue reading

Breaking: 7th Circuit, after 3 Year Delay, Decides Challenge to Wisconsin Voter ID and Related Voting Provisions, in Short Unanimous Opinion, Upholding and Striking Down Some Parts of Law; This is Mostly a Loss for Voting Rights Plaintiffs

You can find the 27-page unanimous decision, with no explanation for the 3 year delay in this case, at this link. This is mostly a loss for the plaintiffs in these cases, as the appeals court rejected many (though… Continue reading