February 22, 2008

Does the Reform Community Have a Double Standard?

Last week, a number of campaign finance reform groups sent this letter urging Senator Obama to keep his promise to stay in the campaign finance system. Over at TAPPED, Marc Schmitt asks: "And, speaking of reform groups, have you seen the press release from Democracy 21, the Campaign Legal Center, Common Cause, Public Citizen, the League of Women Voters and U.S. PIRG urging Senator McCain to keep his commitment to public financing and stop manipulating the matching funds system for the primaries? No? Me neither. I'm sure it's coming any. day. now."

The CLC is in a bit of a bind given that the group is closely tied to Sen. McCain. (Trevor Potter, who heads the center and is McCain's campaign finance lawyer, has taken a leave from the group during this period.) So maybe CLC shouldn't be signing any letters to presidential candidates at this point. But what about the other groups? Do they have a view on whether McCain can back out of his public financing commitment, given the loan documents?

Posted by Rick Hasen at February 22, 2008 08:47 AM