October 12, 2005

In the Election Law Mailbag

I have now begun receiving reprints of articles from the recent Fordham Urban Law Journal election law symposium in Volume 32, Issue 3 (May 2005). Jerry Goldfeder has written on terrorism disrupting presidential elections and Richard Winger has written on the 2004 Nader litigation. I believe Richard Briffault has a piece in there on the Vermont spending limits case as well.

I also received the first anonymous election law article that I can remember: Publius, Securing the Integrity of American Elections: The Need for Change, 9 Texas Review of Law and Politics 277 (2005). I am not sure why this piece is anonymous (the author's footnote describes the author as "an attorney who specializes in election issues" and the postmark on the envelope I received was from Washington D.C.---obviously no return address). The article makes what I consider to be the standard Republican arguments for greater ballot "integrity" and against the Democratic view on things like provisional voting and voter i.d. requirements. There is much in here that I disagree with, but nothing to be embarassed about (unless, I suppose, one is a lawyer for the Democrats!). Could this have been written by the anonymous Lonely Centrist?
UPDATE: The latest issue of Public Choice (see here) features articles on the impact of early media reports on the Florida 2000 vote (by John Lott), chads and the use of voting equipment (by Garner and Spolaore) and an article on soft money and legislation to bar soft money (by Gill and Lipsmeyer).

Posted by Rick Hasen at October 12, 2005 01:43 PM