“It’s Happening Here; Our election systems are at grave risk of cyberattacks. When will Congress take action?”

Larry Norden for Slate:

We must recognize that we live in a world where foreign interests are vying for power on the world stage by trying to shape American politics or even attempting to create doubts that democracy really works. Against that backdrop, it is clear that strengthening election security is essential to protecting our national security.

It is time for members of Congress to step up. They can encourage urgent action by state and local funders by providing them with time-limited grants to do things like replace antiquated machines, upgrade the hardware and software that supports voter registration, and conduct post-election audits to confirm to the public that they can trust the results. State and local election officials know what improvements their systems need, and security experts have made clear recommendations. Congress should listen to these voices and use its powers to strengthen election systems’ ability to withstand the next attack.


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