NC: “Report shows Same-Day Registration enabled voter access across the board”


On April 21, the U.S. Supreme Court is slated to consider whether or not is will hear an appeal to a lower court’s ruling that found North Carolina’s 2013 voter suppression law “targeted African-American voters with almost surgical precision.” This is the fourth time the appeal has been scheduled for the Court’s consideration.

 The lower court’s ruling that found the law unconstitutional required North Carolina to reinstate several voting processes for the 2016 general election including a longer early voting period and Same-Day Registration (SDR), and removed the photo ID requirement.  SDR enables North Carolina’s voting-age citizens to go to any early voting location in their county, register, and vote in one transaction.
The Southern Coalition for Social Justice released a report today analyzing the impact that Same-Day Registration had in North Carolina in the November 2016 election. The report found that Same-Day Registration in North Carolina:
      • Was used broadly by Republican, Democratic, and Unaffiliated voters;
      • Allowed for participation from North Carolinians who move frequently;
      • Created a safety net for voters whose registration had been inadvertently removed or not processed; and
      • Provided a secure and convenient way to register eligible voters.
A PDF of the report can be found at
 The report found that 100,258 North Carolinians used SDR in the November 2016 election, an increase from the 97,100 who used the process in the 2012 general election.
 The report also found that SDR provides a convenient way for eligible voters to register while also creating ample safeguards for election officials to obtain proper documentation from voters.  In order to register same-day, voters must not only attest to their eligibility to vote; they must also, without exception, provide proof of identity and residence by providing an acceptable document showing the voter’s current name and current address.

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