More Reason to Distrust Gregg Phillips: CNN: “Trump’s voter fraud source caught in contradictions about non-profit he claims to run”

CNN’s K-Files:

Gregg Phillips, the source for Donald Trump’s claim that 3 million fraudulent votes were cast, has made several misleading statements about the groups he runs, VotersTrust and American Solutions.

Phillips has publicly described VotersTrust as a non-profit, specifically a 501c4, a type of non-profit that does not have to disclose its donors. CNN’s KFile was unable to locate any public records listing VotersTrust as a nonprofit.
In a phone interview Sunday, Phillips initially denied to CNN’s KFile ever describing it as a nonprofit, though it is described that way on the VotersTrust website and Phillips described it that way as recently as December in a radio interview. “I have another non-profit that I run called The Voters Trust,” he said on the The Bob Phillips Show on KTXW.
When presented with evidence that he had described it as a nonprofit, Phillips replied, “Well, yeah, maybe, I misstated that.”

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