Supreme Court, Granting 16 Cases, Says Nothing About Texas Voter ID Case: Tea Leaves

Here is today’s Court’s order.

What does it mean that there was no order on Texas, despite the fact that the cases was considered and then relisted from last week?

It could mean that as early as Tuesday (when the Court is expected to issue more orders), there will be an order denying hearing in the case. That would keep the case on track in the district court, to both consider whether Texas acted with racially discriminatory intent and to fashion a more permanent remedy in the case.

But sometimes cases are relisted multiple times before the Court does something (that something could be an eventual grant, a denial, a denial with a dissent, etc.)

One possibility is that the Court delayed so that there’s less chance the case would be heard by an 8-Justice Court, where the Court could well divide 4-4 in a case like this.

So we will have to wait and see.


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