Facing Public Outcry (Not “Rebuke” from Trump), House Caves on Gutting of Ethics Office


House Republicans, facing a storm of bipartisan criticism, including from President-elect Donald J. Trump, moved early Tuesday afternoon to reverse their plan to gut the Office of Congressional Ethics. It was an embarrassing turnabout on the first day of business for the new Congress, a day when party leaders were hoping for a show of force to reverse policies of the Obama administration.

The reversal came less than 24 hours after House Republicans, meeting in a secret session, voted, over the objections of Speaker Paul D. Ryan, to eliminate the independent ethics office. It was created in 2008 in the aftermath of a series of scandals involving House lawmakers, including three who were sent to jail.

The article overstates the criticism by Pres. elect Trump, who called the office “unfair” and simply questioned the timing and prioritization. Yet many, many news organizations portrayed this as Trump rebuking or slamming or torching House Republicans.

And there’s also the question of whether Trump’s tweets were a factor in the caving.  It appears not the main one. Robert Costa: “Most members tell me blizzard of angry constituent calls were most impt factor in getting the House to sideline the amdt”


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