“Conservative group may have broken Fla. law in secret recording of Clinton campaign voter-registration shenanigans”


The conservative Project Veritas group might have broken Florida law by secretly shooting video of Hillary Clinton staffers making crude comments and discussing the destruction of Republican voter-registration forms.

The video was shot recently by a Project Veritas mole who infiltrated the Clinton campaign’s Palm Beach County operation run by the Florida Democratic Party, which denies wrongdoing and says its staffers were surreptitiously recorded without their permission or knowledge, a violation of Florida law.

The video rocketed through conservative media after it was released yesterday and led to protesters outside the campaign’s office in the county, where Donald Trump spoke earlier today and owns the Mar-a-Lago resort. While Trump backers say the video shows how the election will be “rigged,” there’s no evidence that Clinton’s campaign broke the law — unlike Project Veritas, which could not be reached via phone or email for comment.



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