State Expert in NC Trial: Walking 3 Miles (Each Way) to Vote Not a Big Deal

From the uncorrected transcript of 7/28 from the North Carolina voting trial (my emphasis):



Q Thank you, Your Honor. I have just a couple of questions. Dr. Hofeller, in your analysis of the proximity to early voting sites, you concluded that a 5-mile range is a reasonable distance; is that correct?

A I’m sorry. I think it was 3 miles, was it not?

Q If it’s a 3-mile range, are you assuming that people will have access to a car or a motor vehicle or are you assuming that they would walk 3 miles?

A Well, I mean, some will have a motor vehicle and some won’t have a motor vehicle.

Q So —

A I know you could probably walk 3 miles. I walk 2 miles a day, and it doesn’t wear me out very much.

Q So you didn’t make any assumption either way as to whether or not people have access to motor vehicles?

A You are correct. I did not make an assumption.



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