Breaking: Divided WI Supreme Court Upholds Voter ID Law; Federal Ban Still in Effect

Following up on this post, the Wisconsin Supreme Court, on a 4-3 vote (and 5-2 vote in the second case [corrected]), has rejected two challenges to the state’s voter id law.

The federal ban on the law under the U.S. Constitution and Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act remains in effect.

You can read the opinions here and here.

Many had thought the Wisconsin court would strike down the law following questions at oral argument, and there was talk at one point of a special session to revise the law to deal with objections. That talk went away with the federal ruling in Frank v. Walker.  That case is now pending at the 7th Circuit and the opinion will be important and likely influential, being the first appellate case to deal with the Section 2 issue.


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