“I’d love to write for Electronic Law Blog”

I get spam all the time offering me free content for the blog, so long as I just include a little link to something special.  But I really liked this one I got this morning:

just thought I’d send a quick email because I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading the articles on Electronic Law Blog. I have a keen interest and have been a writer on law-related topics for a year now, and sites like yours are always appreciated for inspiration.

I’m really interested to know if you’re looking for new contributors to your blog, as I’d love to put myself forward as a possible contributor.

Over the last few years I’ve written for some well-known publications and have received some really positive feedback for my writing. I really believe my writing would resonate perfectly with the readers of your site, my background is within family law, separation and divorce.

I had a piece published recently that I was particularly proud of, titled ‘Jess and Cathy talk about divorce’, you can see it here:…


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