2014 Supplement to The Law of Democracy Available for Download

Here is the Foundation Press announcement, with active links:

2014 Supplement to The Law of Democracy

(4th ed.)

Samuel Issacharoff, NYU
Pamela S. Karlan, Stanford
Richard H. Pildes, NYU

Casebook ISBN 9781599419350
Teacher’s Manual ISBN 9781599419367

The 2014 Update Memo to The Law of Democracy, Fourth Edition is now available for download.

Download the Update Memo.

About the Casebook:
This text provides a systematic description of the legal construction of American democracy. Much of this edition’s revision consists of making note material more concise and reducing the coverage of issues that have become less important as the frontiers of the field moved in new directions. This edition covers the historical development of the individual right to vote; current struggles over racial gerrymandering; the relationship of the state to political parties; the constitutional and policy issues surrounding campaign-finance reform; and the tension between majority rule and fair representation of minorities in democratic bodies. (See more…)

Professors who would like to review a print copy of this title may request a complimentary copy by contacting their Foundation Press Account Manager at accountmanager@westacademic.com.


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