“Prosecutors Deny Targeting D’Souza on Use of Straw Donors”


In the new filing, the prosecutors, Carrie H. Cohen and Paul M. Krieger, also alleged that Mr. D’Souza had instructed one of the people he had asked to contribute, Tyler Vawser, a former assistant, to lie about his donation.

The prosecutors said they expected Mr. Vawser to testify that when Mr. D’Souza asked him to contribute with the promise that he would reimburse him, Mr. Vawser asked whether that was permissible.

Mr. D’Souza replied that if anyone asked Mr. Vawser about the donation, he should say that he “knows Wendy Long and supports her candidacy,” the government said.

Mr. Bharara’s office also accused Mr. D’Souza of lying to Ms. Long. It said she would testify that she questioned Mr. D’Souza more than once about the contributions, and his response was “not to worry,” and that they had “sufficient funds with which to make the donations.”

“The defendant’s lies to the candidate as well as his instruction to Vawser to lie about his donation if questioned about it highlight the willfulness and egregiousness of the defendant’s criminal conduct,” the prosecutors wrote.


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