“Humble blogger thwarted by Texas anti-voting dragnet”

Jonathan Bernstein (or is that Jonathan H. Bernstein?):

The real point, of course, is to make it harder for people to vote so that they won’t vote. Longer lines are a feature of voter ID measures and the exact-name-match requirement, not a bug.  The whole point of doing this is to increase the hurdles for voting, whether it’s getting an acceptable photo ID for those who don’t have one, or just creating confusion about the process. It won’t keep anyone who really wants to vote from getting to the polls (and staying there no matter how long it takes). But for some voters, any steps to make it harder will make them less likely to vote.

The United States already makes it harder to vote than almost any other comparable nation; Republicans — and no question about it, this is a purely partisan effort — are only increasing the gap.


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