“Law as Tiller, Justice as Compass: A Tribute to Tom Moyer”

Ned Foley:

These remarks were delivered at the Ohio Judicial Conference’s 50th anniversary celebration, on September 12, 2013, to honor the late Chief Justice Thomas Moyer. In light of the theme of reflecting on the differences in our legal system between 1963 and now, this talk focused on the Reapportionment Revolution that occurred a half-century ago, how it compares to the Progressive Era’s political reforms a full century ago, and how future generations will look back upon our time and the way in which we handle the current dysfunction of our political system. The talk specifically mentioned the Ohio Constitutional Modernization Commission, an inherently bipartisan body tasked with proposing political reforms for the state, and concluded with the observation that Tom Moyer would have wished for this Commission to succeed.


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