Election Law Journal 11:4 Now Available: Major Developments in Redistricting

The latest issue of Election Law Journal is now available.  The featured topic is redistricting, with eight articles on the subject.  The issue also articles on Alvin Greene’s surprising victory in the 2010 Democratic primary in South Carolina and Americans’ perceptions of corruption, as well as a forum on Argentinian electoral reforms and a book review of Race, Reform, and Regulation of the Electoral Process.  The full table of contents appears below.

The Party Line: Dimensions of Redistricting, by Daniel P. Tokaji, Paul Gronke, Michael Halberstam


Alvin Greene? Who? How Did He Win the United States Senate Nomination in South Carolina?, by Joseph Bafumi, Michael C. Herron, Seth J. Hill & Jeffrey B. Lewis

Corruption, Political Participation, and Appetite for Reform: Americans’ Assessment of the Role of Money in Politics, by Daron Shaw, Brian Roberts, Abby Blass

Featured Topic: Major Developments in Redistricting

How to Do Things with Boundaries: Redistricting and the Construction of Politics, by James A. Gardner

On Overreaching, or Why Rick Perry May Save the Voting Rights Act but Destroy Affirmative Action, by Ellen D. Katz

Court Deference to State Legislatures in Redistricting After Perry v. Perez, by Jeffrey M. Wice & Leonard M. Kohen

Process Failure and Transparency Reform in Local Redistricting, by Michael Halberstam

Adventures in Redistricting: A Look at the California Redistricting Commission, by Karin Mac Donald

The Effects of Redistricting on Incumbents, by Stephen Ansolabehere & James M. Snyder Jr.

Defining Communities of Interest in Redistricting Through Initiative Voting,  by Todd Makse

Electoral Constituencies and Political Parties in Kuwait: An Assessment, by Abdullah Al-Remaidhi & Bob Watt

Forum: Argentina’s Electoral Reforms

Prologue, by Samuel Issacharoff

The Move Toward State-Run Mass Media Electoral Campaigns in Latin America: An Evaluation of the First Implementation in the 2011 Argentine Presidential Elections, by Maria Page & Julia Pomares

Book Review

The Bright Future of Elections Scholarship, by Grant M. Hayden, reviewing Race, Reform, and Regulation of the Electoral Process: Recurring Puzzles in American Democracy (Guy Charles, Heather Gerken, and Michael Kang, eds.)


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