More on the Number of Provisional Ballots Affected by the 6th Circuit Ruling

Following up on this post, Larry Norden writes:

Rick, thanks to your reader for citing my report.  I do think that the numbers he cites may understate the impact of the Sixth Circuit ruling, whether or not the SEIU appellees or others seek broader relief.  That’s because after 2008 and the success of early voting, many of the biggest counties went through dramatic polling place consolidation.  For instance Hamilton County cut its precincts by 23%, Cuyahoga by 26%, Montgomery by 34% and Summit by 37%.

The result is more polling places with multiple precincts, and more opportunity for the “right church, wrong pew” problem.  In fact, in 2011, about half of the wrong precinct ballots cast in Cuyahoga County were cast in the right church, significantly more than the percentage in 2008.


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