“NASED/NASS Resolutions Request EAC Acting Director to Reconsider Suspension of EAC Advisory Boards”

This item appears in the latest edition of the indispensable (print-only) Election Administration Reports.  “The state election directors…adopted a two-page resolution (2012-1) asking the EAC to allow the important work of the boards to cintinue unimpeded.  On January 31, the National Association of Secretaries of State adopted an almost identical statute.”

It is an interesting position of NASS to take, to say the least, given that NASS has from day one passed resolutions urging for the EAC to be disbanded.  The current EAC has no commissioners, and you’d think that’s something NASS would celebrate.

Much more on this turf war coming in The Voting Wars.

UPDATE: Doug Chapin responds, seeing less hypocrisy than I do here.


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