Spring Speaking Engagements–Including Talks on My Upcoming Scalia Book, The Justice of Contradictions

I’ll be doing a fair amount of speaking in the spring, some (but not all) of it connected to the upcoming publication of my book, The Justice of Contradictions: Antonin Scalia and the Politics of Disruption (Yale University Press 2018). The first event will be February 7 at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, commemorating the second anniversary of the Justice’s death. The book should start shipping in early March.

The schedule below is subject to change, and tentative.  I’ll update periodically with links and rsvp information as applicable.

Hope to see many of you out there!

Date City Venue Event
Jan 26, 11 am San Francisco, CA UC Hastings Voting in 2018 and Beyond Symposium
Jan 27, noon Simi Valley, CA Reagan Library Federalist Society Western Conference, Discussion with 9th Cir. Judge Carlos Bea and Prof. Brad Smith on Donor Disclosure
Feb 7, evening Philadelphia National Constitution Center Justice Antonin Scalia: Life and Legacy (Panel with Jeffrey Rosen and Kannon Shanmugam)
March 5, noon New York, NY Cardozo Law Conversation about Scalia book at Floersheimer Center for Constitutional Democracy
March 5, evenng New York, NY Brennan Center, NYU Conversation about Scalia book with Joan Biskupic of CNN
March 6, lunch Washington, D.C. Georgetown Law Conversation about Scalia book with Sue Bloch of Georgetown and Adam Liptak of NY Times
March 10, afternoon Austin, TX SXSW Conseration with Rep. Terri Sewell and Mike Allen of Axios about voting rights
March 15, evening Boston, MA Northeastern Law Conversation about Scalia book with Dan Urman
March 20, evening Irvine, CA UCI Law Conversation with Adam Winkler about our new Supreme Court books
March 28, noon Los Angeles CA (downtown) LA ALOUD (Library Foundation) Conversation about Scalia book with Erwin Chemerinsky

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