“Corporations and American Democracy”

This new book from the Tobin Project and Harvard University Press looks to be very important and with some important intersections to election law.

Table of Contents:

  • Preface
  • Corporations and American Democracy: An Introduction [Naomi R. Lamoreaux and William J. Novak]
  • I. Corporate Origins
    • 1. Early American Corporations and the State [Eric Hilt]
    • 2. Corporations and Organizations in the United States after 1840 [Jessica L. Hennessey and John Joseph Wallis]
  • II. The Turn to Regulation
    • 3. The Dissociation of Incorporation and Regulation in the Progressive Era and the New Deal [Daniel A. Crane]
    • 4. The Public Utility Idea and the Origins of Modern Business Regulation [William J. Novak]
    • 5. Corporate Taxation and the Regulation of Early Twentieth-Century American Business [Steven A. Bank and Ajay K. Mehrotra]
  • III. The Changing Corporate Form
    • 6. From Fiscal Triangle to Passing Through: Rise of the Nonprofit Corporation [Jonathan Levy]
    • 7. The Supreme Court’s View of Corporate Rights: Two Centuries of Evolution and Controversy [Margaret M. Blair and Elizabeth Pollman]
    • 8. Corporations and the Fourteenth Amendment [Ruth H. Bloch and Naomi R. Lamoreaux]
  • IV. Modern Corporate Challenges
    • 9. Two Cheers for Vertical Integration: Corporate Governance in a World of Global Supply Chains [Nelson Lichtenstein]
    • 10. Citizens United, Personhood, and the Corporation in Politics [Adam Winkler]


[Disclosure: I’m involved with democracy issues at Tobin.].


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