SOS Kobach Gets WaPo Four Pinocchios for Unsupported Claims About New Hampshire Voter Fraud


Kobach claims that there are now “facts” and “proof” that show out-of-state voters took advantage of New Hampshire’s same-day registration provision to commit voter fraud. That is hardly the case.

Kobach says there were 5,313 fraudulent ballots cast by out-of-state voters in New Hampshire. That is not supported by facts. New Hampshire allows temporary residents with out-of-state IDs to vote in the state, as long as they primarily live in the state. It does not necessarily mean these voters committed fraud. The state is investigating 196 people who voted in another state but were on the New Hampshire voter list. Even if all 196 people were confirmed as fraudulent cases, it would not be enough to tip the outcome of either the Senate or the presidential race.

Words like “facts” and “proof” actually mean something — everything, really — to us at The Fact Checker. We award Four Pinocchios.


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