“Campaign-finance laws look worse up close”

Susan Shelley column in the OC Register:

Get ready to bake me a cake with a file in it.

I ran for public office, so I have no secrets from you. Stand by for a major revelation: In 2013, as a first-time state candidate in a special election for the Assembly, I was late in mailing the paper copies of campaign finance reports that I had already filed electronically.

Speaking of late, now, four years later, California’s Fair Political Practices Commission says this is 11 counts of violating the 1974 Political Reform Act, with a potential penalty of $55,000.

The complaint says I “substantially complied with the Act’s campaign reporting requirements,” made a “good-faith effort,” and “consulted Commission staff throughout.” Further, they found “no evidence of deliberate concealment or intent to deceive the public.”

You read it right, they’re complaining that I substantially complied.


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