“Senate primary needs to end so healing can begin”

Sam Hall on #MSSEN:

If the campaign has enough evidence to file a challenge, then they should file a challenge. A more likely observation: if the campaign had enough evidence to file a challenge, they would have filed a challenge already. McDaniel’s most ardent supporters — those who have passion plenty but are lacking in intimate knowledge of the campaign’s inner-workings — assail myself and others with the conviction that McDaniel is strategically holding back until all facts are gathered and the best possible case can be made. However, such conviction is naive and not politically strategic at all.

If the campaign had evidence of voter fraud that could overturn the election, they would immediately file a challenge for a number of reasons. For one, a court would be more likely to grant them unfettered access and issue injunctions halting the general election process if credible evidence of voter fraud was presented. For another, if McDaniel’s efforts are truly about challenging the legitimacy of Cochran’s nomination, then time becomes an invaluable commodity because McDaniel would face a general election if he was successful.



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