“Disclosure, hypocrisy, and hyperbole in campaign finance”

Brad Smith:

It has just come to my attention that last week David Schultz, a Professor at the Graduate School of Management at Hamline University with whom I’ve previously had cordial relations, rather out of the blue “called me out” last week. In a post at Politics in Minnesota, Professor Schultz accuses me, by name (along with Attorney Jim Bopp and political scientist John Samples of the Cato Institute), of “hypocrisy,” and complains that we wish to “hide in the dark,” are “authoritarians,” and wish to “create a new plutocracy.” Indeed, he appears to say of all three of us that “they do not want anyone to know who they are,” a particularly odd claim since you would be hard pressed to find three more visible advocates of free speech and free elections. Presumably, it’s just sloppy writing and he meant to suggest that others fit that last bill.


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