Election Law Journal 12:4 — The Law of Deliberative Democracy

The new issue of Election Law Journal is now out. It features a symposium on the Law of Deliberative Democracy, guest co-edited by Ron Levy and Graeme Orr. The table of contents appears below:

The Party Line: Crossing Boundaries, by Daniel P. Tokaji & Paul Gronke


The Law of Deliberative Democracy: Seeding the Field, by Ron Levy


Deliberating About Rules
Deliberate About, Not In, Elections, by Dennis F. Thompson
Deliberative Democracy and Electoral Management Bodies: The Case of Australian Electoral Commissions, by Joo-Cheong Tham

Deliberating in Elections
Second-Best Deliberative Democracy and Election Law, by Yasmin Dawood
Deliberation and Electoral Law, by Graeme Orr
Deliberation and Mass Media Communication in Election Campaigns, by Jacob Rowbottom
Deliberative Democracy and Compulsory Voting, by Lisa Hill
The Incompatible Treatment of Majorities in Election Law and Deliberative Democracy, by James A. Gardner

Popular Deliberation
Deliberation by the People Themselves: Entry Points for the Public Voice, by James Fishkin
Using Electoral Law to Construct a Deliberative Referendum: Moving Beyond the Democratic Paradox, by Stephen Tierney
Worth Talking About?: Modest Constitutional Amendment and Citizen Deliberation in Australia, by Paul Kildea

This is my last issue as co-editor. Paul Gronke will be sole editor for Volume 13. The next issue of ELJ, guest co-edited by Michael Halberstam, will focus on lobbying and campaign finance.


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