My Testimony to the Joint California Legislative Committee on the Future of the Federal Voting Rights Act

As noted, there’s a joint hearing Thursday morning at the California legislature on the federal Voting Rights Act.

You can read my prepared testimony here. I address four issues related to the U.S. Supreme Court’s Shellby County decision:

First, I will explain the Supreme Court’s decision: what led to it, what did the Court hold, and why?

 Second, I will explain what parts of the federal Voting Rights Act remain enforceable at the present time in California and elsewhere, and how these parts are being used in those areas formerly subject to preclearance.

 Third, I will describe the effect of Shelby County on the constitutionality of other parts of the Voting Rights Act as well as on the constitutionality of the California Voting Rights Act.

 Finally, I will discuss Congress’s reaction to the ruling and the possibility of a legislative fix for the Shelby County ruling.


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