“Documents Show Partisan Fights at FEC Encouraged by Advocates Outside Agency”

Bloomberg BNA:

Partisan battles at the Federal Election Commission over the last five years have not been unique to the agency but instead have reflected wider ideological warfare between Republicans and Democrats in Washington, according to longtime FEC observers.

That conclusion appears to be supported by newly released internal documents reflecting contacts between commissioners and people outside the agency.
The documents, released in response to Freedom of Information Act requests, show that FEC commissioners engaged in the recent partisan fights have been encouraged by Republican and Democratic lawyers and other outsiders, including at least one member of Congress and a top congressional staffer….
The newly released documents revealed no apparent instances of improper attempts to influence commissioners, as the original requesters suspected might be the case. But, the messages did provide a glimpse of the internal workings of an agency viewed by critics as gridlocked along party lines and dysfunctional.

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