“Obstruction Based on Rank Partisanship at FEC?”

FEC General Counsel Anthony Herman’s parting words:

The General Counsel’s conclusion stated: “The Commission and OGC [Office of the General Counsel] have worked for years to achieve the mutually beneficial relationship the Commission enjoys with DOJ today.  Those efforts – and the multiple benefits that have accrued to the Commission and the regulated community as a result – should not be wasted on unnecessary impediments to information sharing between the Commission and DOJ.  Any steps that would make it more difficult for the Commission to share with DOJ would put the Commission out of step with other independent federal agencies, while resulting in no offsetting benefits to the Commission or the political community.  It would open up the Commission to charges of obstruction based on rank partisanship.  The Commission should therefor continue its long-established practice of freely cooperating with DOJ – as it has for more than 20 years.” [emphasis added in bold]


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