Justice O’Connor, in Daily Show Interview, Seemed to Not Know Shelby County Case Was About Section 5

Howard Bashman links to all three segments.  In the first segment, before Justice O’Connor came on, Stewart had a lengthy attack on the Shelby County case, and included audio from Justices Sotomayor and Justice Scalia from last week’s oral argument (another nail in the coffin for cameras in the courtroom).

In the first of two segments with Justice O’Connor, Stewart asked about the Shelby County case, and it seemed that Justice O’Connor was not following the case even closely enough to know it was about Section 5.  Very odd.

Justice O’Connor also refused to say whether there were any cases in which she regretted her decision.  Yet she has in the past indicated her regret over her decision in Republican Party of Minnesota v. White, striking down a judicial speech rule under the First Amendment.


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