Americans Elect Responds to Some of Its Internal Democracy Problems

Via email comes the following news about changes it has made to its draft rules in response to criticism, including mine about the ability of the credentials committee to overrule the AE “delegates” and the ability of the Board to remove members of any committee without cause:

Americans Elect first posted draft rules to its website on October 6, 2011. The changes to these draft rules were adopted on December 19, 2011.

Specifically, the changes to the rules include:

•       Automatically and contingently qualified candidates will now both have until
4/3/12 to collect support clicks from delegates in order to be listed on the
primary ballot;

•       Contingently qualified candidates will now need 50,000 support clicks rather
than 100,000 support clicks to be considered for the primary ballots;

•       A simple majority vote by all delegates, rather than a 2/3 vote, to reverse board
or committee decisions.

•       Extension of time to reverse board or committee decisions, from 24 hours to 7

We’ll see if they make other changes as well.  Top of my list right now:  (1) disclosure of all of their donors; (2) abandoning Internet voting; (3) removing the provisions giving the board-appointed committee the ability to reject an “unbalanced” ticket.


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