“Local Governments Continue to Pursue and Receive Voting Rights Act ‘Bailouts'”

This press release from Gerry Hebert begins: “This summer has been a busy one for local governments taking advantage of the opportunity to bailout from coverage under the Voting Rights Act of 1965. So far this year, the following local jurisdictions have bailed out: Jefferson County (TX) Drainage District no. 7; Alta (CA) Irrigation District; the City of Manassas Park, VA, and Rappahannock County, VA. Currently, there are five other bailouts pending before the DC Court, all of which have reached agreement with the United States Attorney General that the local government has met all of the bailout criteria. These include the City of Bedford, VA; Bedford County, VA; the City of Williamsburg, VA; James City County. VA; and Culpeper County, VA.”

I expect these bailouts (and others) to be highlighted in the Supreme Court in defense of any constitutional attack on the supposed onerousness of Section 5 preclearance requirements.


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